CCL Label is the world’s largest converter of pressure sensitive and extruded film materials for decorative, functional and information labels. The business is CCL’s biggest reportable segment and represents 67% of total sales. Customers include major global corporations in the consumer packaging, healthcare and consumer durable segments. CCL Label produces a wide range of label products, including expanded content, WashOff™, RFID, promotional games and long life pressure sensitive films to protect or replace paint. It also produces highly-decorated extruded plastic tubes for premium brands in the personal care and cosmetic markets.

Through our commitment to investing in facilities, new markets and advanced technologies, CCL Label has developed the scale, specialized operations and capabilities necessary to support customers’ product launches, development innovations and supply chain initiatives around the world.


CCL Container is a leading North American manufacturer of sustainable aluminum aerosol containers and bottles for premium brands in the Home & Personal care and Food & Beverage markets supplying high quality graphics and innovative shapes that help our customers attract new consumers. It represents 8% of CCL’s total sales.


Avery is the world-leader for software-driven digital printing solutions for millions of small businesses and consumers using our cloud-based systems and download templates from avery.com to professionally print labels, tags, dividers, badges and specialty card products. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, internet-based marketing skills and a strong operational infrastructure, Avery represents 25% of CCL’s total sales.

Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Retail & Apparel is a leading manufacturer of technology-driven, loss prevention, inventory management and labeling solutions, including RF and RFID-based, to the retail & apparel industry. Checkpoint represents approximately 19% of CCL’s total sales.