167 operations on 6 continents with approximately 20,000 employees

CCL Industries

A global specialty packaging pioneer, CCL is the largest label company in the world with headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Established 1951

Home & Personal Care

Labels that deliver iconic branding solutions globally plus highly decorated extruded, laminated and labeled tubes. Uniquely shaped and decorated aluminum aerosols in North America.

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Premium Food & Beverage

Premium look decorating solutions for brands in glass and plastic packages alongside promotional aluminum bottles for a sustainable world.

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Healthcare & Specialty

Delivering digital quality assurance and special products to the global pharmaceutical, chemical and other highly regulated industries.

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Automotive & Durables: CCL Design

A new dimension supplying secure, durable, functional and decorative parts to global Automotive, Electronics and Consumer Durable  OEMs and ODMs

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Offering customized digital design and printing solutions for consumers and small businesses. Labels, cards, dividers and many other items, all at: www.avery.com

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March 9, 2018
Treofan Americas Acquisition
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