Policies & Goals
A corporate mission starts with leadership from the top.  Environmental and Health & Safety and Human Resources issues are important at CCL. CCL’s publicly stated Environmental, Health & Safety policy is signed by the President & Chief Executive Officer.

Environmental, Health & Safety compliance with the applicable regulations around the world is closely monitored to ensure appropriate policies and procedures are in place and are being followed. Senior management also reviews CCL’s global accident statistics, with an objective of an injury free workplace and appropriate responses to all incidents. EHS is an important subset of sustainability and social responsibility and a key focus of senior management. 

CCL’s Board has a Human Resources Committee which reviews compensation guidelines, trends and legislation that potentially affect CCL’s business and employees, and reviews any reports of non-compliance of the Global Business Ethics Guide.

While it is beneficial to have publicly stated policies, in order to make continuous improvement, it is important to have measurable goals. Some of CCL’s Workforce Injury & Illness Reduction goals, for instance, are:

  • Perform safety audits at 25% of CCL’s plants on an annual basis
  • Maintain an annual recognition program to reward CCL operations for EHS excellence
  • Engage a minimum of 300 hours of external safety loss control consulting per year
  • Report global accident statistics on a quarterly basis to senior management
  • Implement and maintain Health & Safety Committees at all operations worldwide
  • Maintain a program to perform environmental due diligence prior to acquisition of all new businesses

Some of CCL’s Workforce Wellness goals are:

  • Provide financial incentives to employees that complete an annual medical exam
  • Implement and maintain Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to help employees with financial information and legal support resources, tobacco cessation counselling and weight loss/health programs, Guidance Resources® Online and confidential counselling
  • Implement and maintain biometric screenings on-site