A fierce commitment to excellent customer service built CCL, and we know that it is still the key to our continued success. We know that in order to serve our customers we must stay responsive to current and future market needs. From our product designs to the resources we use, we strive to reimagine how packaging is created in order to make it better.

By seeking out the newest technology and best materials, we offer superior products to help meet customer ecological and quality goals. If what you seek is not currently available, we will put one of our product development teams to work so your company can be first to market

A few examples of CCL’s innovative and sustainable products are:

  • CCL is the pioneer of a 100% water wash-off removal beverage label system that allows glass bottle recovery for reuse and recycling. Our pressure sensitive beverage labels have been designed to shrink and be easily removed during the wash-off of empty bottles, with the ink and adhesives remaining on the label so as not to pollute the washing bath. This maximizes performance in reducing plastic waste volume and water, chemical and energy consumption during the label removal process, thereby lowering the carbon footprint, while significantly reducing costs.
  • Our tubes can be purchased with our post-consumer recycled (PCR) content and bio-based resins.
  • Our aluminum containers are 100% recyclable.
  • We have introduced varnishes that now have renewable content (botanically derived versus petro chemically derived oils).
  • CCL’s ReNew label film pressure sensitive stock was developed to comprise 40% recycled content and the adhesive is water-based acrylic emulsion designed to remove cleanly, reducing scrap within our industry.
  • Downgaging of materials and utilizing ultrathin films for high volume label applications reduced resources and logistics by 30% over the last 10 years.
  • Our Super-Stretch-Sleeve technology has the smallest carbon footprint of all decoration technologies. The sleeves are stretched and applied to the container without the use of adhesives or heat. The natural elasticity is all that is required to hold the sleeve in place. The extremely low density films allow an easy and clean separation for recycling.
  • Recycling compatible pressure sensitive labels and sleeves, optimizing yield for primary recycling of plastic containers.